2007 Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 Turbo Diesel VX LIMITED

WOW!! How often does one of these iconic trucks come up for sale, NZ New and in great condition!! A 2007 Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 V8
Turbo Diesel, VX Limited with all the fruit you’d expect with a top of the line beast like this!!

Toyota’s Land Cruiser. Since 1954 and with five million made, its gone on to be the worlds best-selling SUV. The Range Rovers an upstart compared to this, and Toyotas world domination started with exports of the Land Cruiser. As such, the company treats it reverentially.
The Land Cruiser goes anywhere a sane – or not so sane – person would wish while, crucially, never breaking down in the process. For those buyers, this defines luxury.

Features list:
Removable towbar
Running boards
Centre cool box
Factory roof rails
17″ alloys
Rear spoiler
Front & rear sensors
Reverse camera
Keyless entry
Push button start
Touch screen stereo
NZ Navigation
Multi function steering wheel
Mid diff lock
Traction On/Off
Downhill decent
Dual zone climate
Leather electric seats
Electric mirrors
Cruise control
Idle Up

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